Latest work

Portfolio Redesign

Because my portfolio is only built in HTML/CSS, I have been busy redesigning the current website in Flask, which is a microframework based on the Python language. The reason I chose Flask for this project is because it is a simplicistic framework that is usually a great tool for a job like this. Another reason is that Flask is fun to work with and you can always learn a thing or two from it.

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VR Game in Unity

For my minor we are creating a multiplayer Virtual Reality Game based on the Unity framework with a heavy emphasis on using VR for education. Since Virtual Reality can be used for education, we have been trying to merge the ideas of VR education and Massive Open Online Courses. Our vision of the future is that VR (or Augmented Reality) could be used to complement or improve the current education system.

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Game platform web application

For one of my latest school projects, we initially had the idea of creating a multiplayer ranking system for game developers to integrate in their projects. This idea got changed after receiving feedback from the teacher and realizing our time was limited. The new end result is a web application where you could register/login, generate and customize an avater and play a multiplayer game of hangman. This application is based on Python (API), Javascript (React + Redux) and websockets.

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Game platform Android app

For the project of our game platform we also wanted to create a simple Android app to complement the web application. The idea of the app is that a user can log in, create an account, view his achievements and match history of the most recent games played as well as the user's wins and losses. For sending and retrieving the data, the same Flask API was used that also powered the front end of the web application.

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Othello multiplayer game + A.I. in Java

For my school project we had to create a game client and artificial intelligence for the game Othello. The server was already provided for this project. The Client is written in Java and for the GUI we used the Java Swing library. Furthermore sockets were used to send and receive data from the server. The game can be played multiplayer against other players or singleplayer against our own bot/AI. The algorithm used to implement the AI is based on the concept of minimax.

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